"Committed to fostering research and educational activities promoting an understanding of the ecology of the parkland forest and its sustainable use."

Reconciliation Partnership Agreement Press Release

All About Us

Originally known as The Mixedwood Forest Research and Advisory Committee, the Mixedwood Forest Society (MFS) was founded in 1996 in Swan River, Manitoba, Canada by a small group of dedicated people to promote a better understanding of a unique and fascinating ecosystem, the Manitoba Mixedwood Forest. The Mixedwood Forest Society has grown into a registered charity with members in Manitoba supporting projects ranging from protecting sensitive areas to ecotourism.

MFS plays an active role in supporting research through founding the Goldeneye Field Station in Duck Mountain provincial park, south of Swan River, Manitoba. We offer low cost accommodation, referrals, resources and information to researchers , educators, arts groups, and members of the public at the Station. For instance, in fall of 2009, we hosted a week long gathering of aboriginal students from the Education Department of Brandon University. In spring of 2009 we hosted several weeks of stay by researchers from the University of Winnipeg's CFIR department.

The field station has gone on to house researchers from five universities across the three Canadian Prairie Provinces and to host regular public presentations and programs.